…..the black coin


photo artistry by tiandra…(windiepink)

back in the time when the ancients commonly traversed the land of Ur… there was a well known volition’s trader  by the name of Tadutou…. Tadutou was an odd sort… volitions traders were not of the norm at the time… plant life was expanding over the much of the known land.. but volitions were hard to come by… it was still not understood how volitions could be found.. passed the point of purchase…

Now Tadutou was in his heart honest… he had spent his whole life carefully avoiding word notions… this kept Tadutou a virgin to any concept of lies…. so all volition’s he traded for brought him honest wealth… Tadutou had learned the secret of volition’s from his father who learned it from his father going back three generations… volition’s was a white substance manufactured by the sortyuolla plant… a plant that looked very much like to-days common dandelion…

Now Tadutou was very wealthy… this did not satisfy Tadutou like it did his fathers…. Tadutou was far more interested in understand just how the secret of his forefathers was learned as it was whispered only as a family secret… yet known in the family circle… this wisdom was gained thought the ancients… from the solar universe to the right of the left eye… facing the north star… or so Tadutou had been told by his father going back three generations….


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