….My neighbor

My neighbor, originally uploaded by Di P’anna.

So Through & True

i saw my self as just yesterday
dream out spoken had come my way
mummer did i do it not
mothers words had taught me nought…

give your soul to notions old
ones that know your ways are bold
red my face would often flush
i often i hid within my hush..

my mother did, so grant my touch
understand it thankful i am in such..
for talent smiled i saw it when
my mothers song, sang me again

long has she gone it hurt back then
silent the dream so often when
yet orbs of love guide me to pen
upon my hearts most silent den

mother now i am as you
but as my father i love to do
the love of life he really new
these words are his… so through and true.. (tiandra / windiepink)


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