….then who am i…but just one more played risk

Night outside my house, originally uploaded by olidaone.

as i stood before the dark
wondered i just what it is of fate
is it i who decides the mark
or do i not really rate…

slow the clock tells me
unavoidably befalls you see
now why just why.. just how can this be
is the universe not sung together in melody

can it be that my hope is mine and mine alone
for time has chosen to determine on its own…
fate now dark the night shall me…
now what… the night is telling what shall be..

silly silly… you are a friend…
but just who… just who will decide in the end…
tis not me… so i see..
then why.. then why..
then why can this be…

if the universe decides just one thing for me

….. then who am i.. but just one more played risk……(windiepink)



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