…. economic drench

.... falling skies
Painting Title:…. falling skies

This painting completed in the first week of 2009 marks my reflection upon the state of the economy upon the land… a reflective work..
Painted from a wonderful photography book called… Canada – A year of the land, Produced by the National Film Board of Canada.
The books executive producer: Lorraine Monk if you would like to learn more about the book….

I would like to thank Egon Bork, Lorraine Monk and the NFB for the inspiration of this work…. painted from the Original Photo taken outside Taylor British Columbia by Egon Bork… (i am sorry i do not have any links for Egon Bork’s work)… i felt this photo for its artistic value in expression of the dire news we now experiance daily in financial termoil.

It seems the clear view of a wonderful future, now a distant far away land fading…. As we are blown about, rained upon by the large storm cloud of the advantaged collective in their unending appetite for exploiting greed… we realize that in the moment, we are all the cycles of cause and effect….

I am but a typical starving artist, rubbing shoulders on one side with my homeless friends, on the other shoulder by my over debited middle class friends… We are told that the land has long ago become an oil dependent economy, and as i look upon the earth…. i see that this is true…

painting this work in oil spoke to me in mysterious ways… layer after layer after layer of oil is upon this canvas…. i had no intention of the such on the outset, for this will take forever to settle… interesting how this painting speaks the truth to me…

“when the storms of life are raging….. stand my me”…… just who do we stand by now… banks, governments, corporations, teachers, economists, media, …. just where is the wisdom now…my good friends…. tell me…???

I have learned that nature has its ways in dealing with all human conceit…. as one stands in a storm such as painted, one learns quickly just how nothing we are to the big picture…

Thank you for visiting….. I hope you find the wisdom you seek…. tiandra…


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