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Hello mr c… hope all is fine, and you had a good day, I know you have lots on your mind. Me, well i am trucking along, not sure about somethings, but this time has been of value to me and i consider it a great gift. For some reason, which is unlike me, yet like me, quite time seems in order. If the world is really going to crash, burn up, implode, or any such madness, than i want to enjoy it while it is still sane enough too enjoy . If companies keep collapsing, who knows, but i am sure we will have fewer and fewer services as time goes on. Thats if the world is doomed…

I do not get that sense, not at this time anyway. I know that words are of mans imagination, and i see no evidence in Nature to support the claim made valid by words. If you get what i mean. Words are very tricky, and part of our magic, but we can also misuse this magic, as you well know. Yes, Nature is somewhat stressed with us, our conceit, which stands to reason. We are an arrogant lot, give us power and we become deranged. No exceptions. Not me, Not you, not anyone, there is how ever a safe guard, and that is to realize that as much power as you have, it is nothing compared to the Infinite, the Bible Words make this clear. Here is where the magic of words works wonders…. then you think of the reformation when estimates of 50 million people where killed because of words…. so words are tricky..

I do know that we are going into a difficult time, I felt the vibrations and as you know, at times was overtaken. I do not like to see the future, for when i was young i passed through twice, the second time is so scary you can not imagine, for you can not change a thing, so you are a prisoner to the event, going through the actions much like an out of body experiance. I have had several and do not like them so i stick close to home. A home body, my body, the one the Infinite gave me and from here we talk just at an intimate level… Me as IAM… The INFINITE AS IT IS IN ALL ITS PERFECTION>>. i ware sunglasses…. big smile..

Grant, you are a wiser soul than I, for you have journeyed the winds of wisdom. This is your gift, deep inside of you….. but now of the word world. I am not sure what world though… i will have to give this some thought…. It has too do with the East… wise men… you sould study them more closely, you will unlock the mysteries… that is purhapse why i do not know the world you are from, for i have never been there and so i can not speak anything in truth…. only presume…. I do know that i have three wise men in my life at all times, you are one, larry is one, and joe is one, each different, but each of their wisdom… Although i may be assertive at times, I consider all that is spoken to me from you three as well as have learned how you three give gifts…. and count them a great blessing in guidance, support, and enable…. i am blessed, i know this to be true… I have not forgotten the Infinite….

The designs of the Universe are such that life on this planet can not come to a dead end. To an End yes, regeneration, new birth. Some portions of mans imagination is of course fasinated by the dead end. Only because we know we are going to die… this might mean, dead end. So this can be translated and scribed upon the “Table of the Word”… and then it is part of the magic… word magic….

There is no doubt that we have come to the end of the fiancial structure as we know it. But this did not happen over night. How man responds to the wake up call is what you wrote about in your blog. Great minds. Man does not have a great mind, man has a great imagination…. There is no such thing as money, only turst in the notion thereof, which is the imagination, backed up by icons. Nothing more…. But mans imagination is so powerful that we now have a global economy…. pretty incredable… to say the least…..

Yes, there are many things that frighten me, mans imagination can be cruel…. distructive, and sever… arbitrary… Ellen G White gives the best word string account i have come accross…. i learned much from her…. Lots and Lots… She was gifted no doubt about it… and at the level she stayed at she contributed much to here community… sharing… the love of sharing…. I don’t know why i am so sentimental about her right now, but i am…. she gave in to an agenda so she could not go any higher… but she was happy with what she was about, who am i too judge. Each to our understandings… and when i think about her writings objectivly… i see that she was challenging mans imagination to get some things into order… christian thought was regenerating around the late 20th centruy and into the 21st Century so she was timely… there where others of course.. many good writings come from that period… man was challenging the issues of Trust…. That is Americas great wrestle…. you have no idea…. i have no idea… but i have learned a little of late… much more about the magic of the “In God We Trust”

Infinite Truth has no agenda.. it just is Truth.. take it or leave it…. we decide what is right…. for we are of the People known as the ones of Imagination…. and yes, there are others in the Universe, but words are not how they communicate, and i do not want to learn their communication mainframe, because i have enough trouble communicating in using our mainframe plateform… the word world… besides, it is hard for one like me who is imagination bound to alter to another phyci… does that make sense…. In my life i like to stay as close to the gifts of the Infinite as can be… Nature, not UFO’s Interest me…. Male and Female differences interest me… not going to another planet…. or solor system…. why…. The secret you can learn is this….

The Universe has expressed all its designs right here to be studied…. now how close do you want to get… this is as close to as in your face as you can get….. and we take it for granted…. like it is some crasy place…. going crasy… and who knows what all our imagination like to express… yet we know not the Creator….

Grant, when you step away from the word world, and walk out your front door, into the breeze of the morning, sunshine upon your face or rain drops upon your noise…. taking an equal breath in to an equal breath out… you have been kissing Creation by stepping into the next moment and the next moment and the next moment and the next moment which is brought to you by a product knows as Perfection…. I use the word Product because i had to translate and scribe it here upon the table of the word…. Perfection is a word produced by our imagination.. a product of… get it…. i am sassy tonight….

And that brings me to your dream…. i mentioned that the dream was of the Infinite…. not of your imagination…. your subcouncious…. where the seeds of the imagination germinate…. the furtile soil… earth.. designs of the Universe….

Man has strapped himself in again…. we have over goverened our imagination… this i am learning… I am not sure of how all this works yet, but today when i was adding a submission to the blog based on the email you sent me, you can read it for i copyed and passed your words directly into the submission…. i hope it reads ok… But while i was doing research after reading your short email, for it was as a gift and triggered me to study the black plague somewhat… i began to see the rimes and found some interesting things in wikpedia… as well as a few other places… Man can only deal with so much governance and then man immune system brakes down…. the story of me and georgina…. now we both know… interesting….

I mentioned that first we would see a serious financial crisis back a number of months ago, this would be followed by outbreaks of illness and many deaths…. As the financial crisis continues on, and more governance is added and added the stress will increase upon the imagination…. Governance thinks that it is helping by asserting order, and bosting its claims… to the crys of the Nations… but this will only cause more stress…. and this stress heaped upon mans imagination ignites in one of two ways… to act out…. in rebellion or by internalizing… illness… two opposites…. so we will get much of both over the next while… but this does not mean that what has been written in the word world will come about… i know there are many that would just love to know the future so they could sell books and work the circute and bet billions of hits on their website and all the world would bow down to them for they surly must know…. big smile…

No… the future does not present itself to anyone with a corrupt imagaination… how can it.. the future awaits us in perfect truth, so to go their you have to be as honest as a sun ray…. usually only children visit the land of the future… i was one of them so i know…. and i can not prove it so i am not worried at the least that anyone will ever find out…. its a perfect secret…. and as i mentioned way back at the start of this email… I do not like going through twice.. period.. so i know when to lie… and keep myself here in todayland…

So Grant, Let not your heart be troubled, rather search your wisdom, find the land from whence you came, your Nation… it is not my Nation… i know what IAM…. But it is your Nation, a mysterous Nation, and your councel is of the Greatest known in the Universe…. For you are not afraid to traverse the heavens…. or the earth for that matter as i have learned…. This is the time of regeneration, as old notions wrought away, new life springs forth… Man will struggle fiercely with this situation, for that which he applies at first will be all the wrong things, but right in that it brings matters to ahead and the deadlock can be overcome….

I think that is enough for tonight…. that was some write, i am going to leave the spelling mistakes because i know that you understand what i scribe…. lots of Love… just me.. IAM


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