….room of no sin

....spring splendor
Well, at least i think so…?

I guess i really don’t fit in any place very well any more..?
Or i am very scared… or something..?
It is like i have lost all hope…?
Like i have learned to much…?
or learned the wrong things…?
but what ever, i know that i am really really down…?
Down at the bottom of now where…?

I feel so out of place..?
Like i don’t fit in any more..?
Eire, like a comfortable gloom?
Sound like only my breathing in the room..?
Can no one find me..?
depressed with in my doom..?

What ever little speech i know…?
nothing but hurt all alone is what i know…?
Who is there for me..now..?
Not you Infinite, your are only the notions of my dreams…?
I so love to dream you, run to my bible to dream of you..?
You painted such a perfect picture, if only it where true..?
Damn the world and all,
the beauty is beyond the wall…
but here i sit, my soul upon the fires spit…?
cursed am I…?
I can not tell a lie… ?
so now where will i fit in… ?
alone in a room where there is no sin…?

Just who comes to visit the room of no sin…?
I have not heard a knock..?
please let me in..?
all i have now is my warm little heart…?
That is it, so tell me, where do i fit in…?

Seconds go by, and i hear not a “Hi”..?
Forsaken, an orb, i float in the room…?
a room of no sin..?

Tell me tell me, what can i pray for..?
is there any point, DNA, forged for its own…?
Lost i tell you, lost i tell you… ?
You know i so really really have to tell you?
Hear me, hear me… is this your glee..?
To love an enemy who can over power me…?

Try try as you might, i can put up a good fight..?
Talk to me, talk to me, i will wrestle you to test…?
There you are, i so very well know..?
Hide your face from me..?
So what, I will go….?

Just what is fair trade my dear Universe..my dear Infinite…?
That i should be cast in to the room of no sin..?
Alone, with out voice…?
For what good is one voice unto itself…?
For there is no one else in the room of no sin…?
Yet you stare…?
For this is how i know that you are there…?

Yes, i know the feeling of utter abandonment….?
the cross where you hung your precious head…?

all my Love…. Tiandra

Room of no Sin (poem by windiepink and the infinite in design)


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