....corporeal cluster

Keep up the good work all you diligent people over there in the Big United Kingdom. You are champions!!!

“real money is the sum of a Nations courage”… the rest is just icons..(windiepink)

The rich forget that they are just icons enabled as to the pleasure of a Nation. Be firm with them and ye shall see your way clear to becoming the Economic Advisers of the Globe…. for The race is on… “Fundamentals in Transition”… for the world is thirsty for “Fair Trade”… not Free trade… and this is understood and practiced within a Nation and then exported around the globe.

You can check your history notes as to the cycles of communities. And if you are the first Nation to crack the code…. Then you people will become the financial power house of this millennium…. know this to be true…

As for those of you who are wondering about “wherethemoneyisat” blog? I have closed it to the general public. You can email me if you wish me to open it for a time and a time. (windiepink@yahoo.ca)


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