…accountablity, word, spoken

From Rights of Passage

“Can not the land see a good day”…. that is the big question, this is what the word asks, the words of cultures,

Grant, we are at a very profound place in time, the monetary relationship between the Treasury and the Federal Reserve is begging transparency. And i feel this has to do with the Gettysburg agreement, where in is stated “All men are created equal”. You can let your imagination do the rest. So now the rich have some explaining to do, is the short of it. And right now there is a lot of concerns being raised as the unknowns increase.

So i have learned this about the American dollar, it is about “Fair Trade”. I am very sure of this, for i studied the history notes as to what was the deal back in 1792. And one can learn the then desire for free and fair trade. Free to take someone for their word. That is the credit part in, “Coinage, Credit, and Circulation” as mentioned by President John Adams.

I am very amazed by the fact that in these trying times when the Gettysburg agreement calls for an audit, it installs a black President. The next four years will prove interesting years for the Presidency, the founding fathers knew best what America is about, it would not surprise me if we see a lot of George Washington in this President, just a hunch.

Grant, i don’t think we are out of the financial dark woods yet, so if you can sell your boat, i would take a hold position, we have a jolt coming up as the markets absorb this quantitative easing. Just my guess, but right now it look like you have a window as a certain amount of confidence returns, It would be nice if some one takes the boat off of your hands. I would think you would be some pleased, but how will you not miss that Mercury! WoW that baby has a nice purr…..

I am really grateful that you took me out yesterday, that was some incredible, to say the least. I was watching you handle the boat, moving the steering back and forth, and the refractions of waves and how it moved your arm. You really enjoy the drive, feeling that boat under your command. Some time, if time permits, i would like to handle the wheel for a few minutes to see what you feel, it has been years since i have steered a boat.

Some day you will have the vessel you seek, but right now you must be wise for we are on a curvy financial path. You already know this, its me i am worried about.

Well Grant, I think i wrote enough, my prayer is “Can not the land a better day see”. It is a special time for humanity, we have been fruitful and multiplied, for we have done some things right for once, so the history notes tell me, now we are just finding our way back to the Fair Trade Table, the Table of the Word.

Darn, just when i think i am finished writing this email, i can not help but reflect upon what i have learned as to the peoples nation, the peoples notion. I find this a very fascinating study, for it is a cultural agreement, a culture where in all men are equal. Not the culture of the old world Britain, a culture of class system. I know that the roots of this Notion lay in the beliefs of the founding fathers. And they got it off the ground, and the Notion grew. In 1863 this notion joined hands with the Greater, that which can not be explained. So now you know what the rich are up against.

I can tell you a secret Grant, the real rich in the peoples nation have nothing to fear, for their wealth is of Fair Trade, and they know their burden. It is the ones who are dealing in the shadow economy of the USD, that they sell as the USD, those are the ones who need to worry. The USD is a clean currency understood correctly, for it is the official monetary current… note that… current, of Fair Trade. “Coinage, credit and circulation” “Accountability, Word, Spoken”

Now fair trade calls for some people to be rich and some to be poor, we all have our place. The rich have burdens the poor know not off in their freedom, and like wise. But we can all deal fairly with each other and when their is a dispute, a fair outcome is achieved. Not to hard to know what is what in the men are created equal land. Now if you do not have an agreement with the Infinite as to this Notion, that all men are created equal, then i would say what ever rules,rules.

But 1863 is as important as Moses going up the mountain. President Abraham presented the Human Commitment to this Notion, in Death as well as in Life, that the Notion was of a collective, the will of the people. So as Moses forged a deal with the Infinite on the behalf of the people, so did President Abraham Lincoln bind an agreement with the Infinite, on behalf of the people. Now i know modern thought does not look at it this way, that is ok, i am a nobody so what do i know? But i know what to watch for, the USD in fair trade action. You might say, it is looking out after its own interests. It has taken me a long time to grasp this, as the shadow economies is what all the news is about, but i alerted the Financial Times as to their doings. And the newspapers wonder why they are running a muck. Oh well, they have not come to me and asked me what is what, so i will leave it alone. I just had a few thoughts of how binding the Notion is. Hey it is not my fault i have figured these things out. Before Sept 08, the USD was just another currency to me. Little did i know about its mystical side.

That is it for this evening, it has been a wonderful write, for i have understood yet a little bit more, what value it is? Well i guess i can tell by the little of means that i have? For it has value to me, for at least i know what is what, and no one can take that away from me. If i was to die tonight and go some where and they where to ask me what this place is about, i would have a few answers as to the land of Notions, Oceans, and a vast Blue Sea of Green.

Talk to you later, just me…


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