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The other day, i posted this video to my Texpressions YouTube Account, an open ongoing video letter to my sister who lives in another part of Canada than myself. The next morning i recieved an email from one of my very close and personal friends, which i just have to post with permission to my windiepinkgold special treasures to share with you.

let me begin by saying it is well done and for me very thought provoking.

my thoughts…watching this made me think that in each of our travels on mostly every day we leave an imprint, sometimes a physical imprint, sometimes a verbal imprint, sometimes an imprint to the higher places not commonly understood or deciphered.

these imprints, they are the pebbles to the trail of our individual lives. some parts of these imprints are momentarily stored as a frame of time, a nanosecond of sorts and most often referred to as photos. whether photos record moments along the path of imprints or not the path is still indelibly marked by the imprint of that one individual.

so now when the time come for all to see the imprints of their past, there has been in most cases an unknowingly made imprint and as such at the end is viewed as a chain linking of each of the imprints into a movie. Now you see what my thoughts were as I viewed this foxes video…..I viewed how the the chain is built, each branch seen, each step pressed into the earth or covering of leaves, sticks, algae and qua-trillion other possibilities for each human to make and leave behind in their largely forward moving motions of their life. this is made obvious as our face is generally the direction we move our bodies…forward.

So it has been said……you do not know me until you have walked a thousand steps in my shoes….basically….re-traced through the life, through the views, through the imprints as much as one can of anothers, due to changes in wind, light , weather etc to travel as best as possible an identical ( but will never be exact !) understanding of what the first human encountered… this is all very elementary but never the less good to remember as we go forth making our individual imprints of our lives to view at the close of our time here.

If you replay a movie, wind it back and re watch the same segment …do you see different observations…..I suggest a yes answer quite often…..we will leave this for another time as it will take us into the chapter of memory, the mind and such. It is enough for now just to recognize the dejavu of the replay and all the more it can hold depending on how fast or how slow we pass each of the imprints along the way of the original time or in subsequent replays……

sleep we shall, the cool midnight air is gathering nicely around me and putting my body horizontal will now be more comfortable….
sleep well my friend

Thank you grantsviews for letting me share your thoughts and store them in my special windiepinkgold treasure for others to stumble upon.


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